Workshops in public speaking specific to presenting a project to a steering committee, in-person or remotely

Widely deployed the new IFRS standards using Rapid Learning videos combined with edutaining quizzes

Stimulate involvement and innovation in order to reinforce the use of collective intelligence in remote management

Assisted in developing a culture of innovation via the design and deployment of workshops aimed at initiating creative approaches

Train call-center experts to design trade kits for "reverse pedagogy" and deploy them in a coaching role

Excellence in customer relations serving an exceptional product: Executive Diploma Program

E-learning or blended training sessions to instill a facilitation attitude and acquire facilitation techniques for meetings or work groups

A memorable experiential learning program to get its people to embody the firm’s renewed identity

A regularly adjusted experiential learning session described by managers as a decisive stage in their managerial practice

A continuous, e-learning and in person program to provide experts with tools for their occasional trainer role and promote a sense of community

In the context of a health crisis, a webinar to reaffirm the importance of boutiques and revisit the key role of their teams

Design a creative learning trip to revitalize designers’ creativity and favor collaboration

Establish the foundations of a “learning company” by assisting the international community of Retail Academy Ambassadors

Managers of support functions within an elite law firm gain ownership with practical tools during 3-hour hands-on workshops

Train sales teams to make use of discoveries in neuroscience to recreate authentic customer relations

Distinct training sessions in order to grasp French-German cultural differences and facilitate the company’s transformation

Remote working has become widespread: experiential e-learning leads operational staff to adapt their problem-solving practices

Blended training sessions to engage the sales teams throughout the world to move towards multichannel customer service relationships

Create/develop/design a program to engage managers to embody a new managerial client-oriented relationship

An agile program aimed at uniting teams and developing a project culture adapted to the sale of solutions

In order to accompany agile transformation, institute empowerment in managerial practices across 7 countries

Enhance R&D teams’ creativity with workshops using Innovation Games and a World Café involving 250 participants

Co-design and embed storytelling to unite sales teams and share their passion for the Firm and its Product

Discover the power of coaching to better accompany shop managers internationally

A creative and team-building experience to assert collective dynamics and accompany growth and transformation

Seminars on 2 continents to grasp the complexity and stakes of the new cross functional way of working for their international R & D projects

Within an Executive Education program, training in improving soft skills for an international group’s new class of buyers

Executive Diploma program designed jointly with expert partners for a taylored client experience in synergy with the e-commerce site

The top International managers position themselves according to a set of expected skills using assessment workshops and sharing practices

Strengthen the impact of public speaking by using theater techniques: training workshops and brief coaching sessions to effectively manage emotions