Creativity and Innovation

Creativity powers business!
In a VUCA world, inventing original solutions that meet current needs has proven to be essential.


Generate concepts that nourish your “innovation pipeline”
Develop applications for new technology
Come up with new uses for your products
Create new products or services that anticipate the needs themselves
Find alternative organization modes that are both appropriate and profitable
Our applied creativity practitioners work with you on your projects or issues by leading creative research seminars as well as training sessions devoted to various dimensions of creativity. We make use of, among others, a global model, Creative Problem Solving, enriched with Innovation Games.

Our clients like

Experiencing the structured steps of creative research

Stimulating curiosity, suspending judgement and liberating talent

Developing creative intelligence and innovating

Adopting creative behaviors in their day-to-day operations

Case studies

Jaeger-LeCoultre wanted to revitalize their designers’ creativity and foster collaboration.

We designed a two-day creativity learning trip with twists and turns, combining an abundance of different stimuli and the learning of new idea generation techniques.

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