In a different way, because you are different
Who are we?


Taming change by building on everyone's potential
  • Stimulating and engaging people: commitment, active listening, interaction and creativity to serve your needs… In a different way ;
  • Dodeca creates customized solutions that combine effectiveness, interaction and involvement, whether through Training, Facilitating, Consulting, Field training or Coaching for individuals or groups ;
  • Our team develops concrete and operational solutions adapted to the workplace environment and challenges of the companies who request our services ;
  • We build all the stages of your project with you from careful consideration of all aspects at the initial stage to the project's implementation, from follow-up to the validation of the results ;
  • Dodeca is also a multidisciplinary network comprising more than 30 practitioners in France and internationally. All of them have a dual expertise: corporate experience and training skills ;
  • Specialised in cross culture situations – different trades or international work environments – Dodeca is recognized for its excellence in adapting to the context of its clients, and stands out by the pertinence of its innovating and « edutaining » methods.
In a different way?
Yes, through :
  • Innovative logic in both the approaches and the content ;
  • A humble and professional approach without absolute certitudes for a pragmatic and profitable solution ;
  • The assimilation of the multicultural reality facing companies today (trades and corporate cultures) ;
  • « Edutaining » and hands on methods to take an active role and trigger the desire to move forward ;
  • Continued research or design of simple and accessible tools that foster individual and group involvement ;
  • Focus on the value of each person's potential: moving from one's « best » to aiming for excellence ;
  • Operational solutions producing results in the short and long term.

In a nutshell, solutions meeting your economic objectives and matching your specificities : an approach where « customized » has real meaning!


Long live the new ways of working!

With a Corporate University, Dodeca continues with the on-going pedagogical engineering of an experiential module: “the Agile Manager’s specific behaviour and attitude”.

The combined use of a user-friendly tool such as Klaxoon and a videoconferencing system enables the project team to continue co-bulding via screens... discover each other’s environment (reinforcing trust!) and ensure that the pilot sessions will be ready as soon as the lockdown is over.

Risk analysis in R&D development

For a House of luxury goods, Dodeca is currently designing an internal training course on risk analysis: how can one differentiate between being afraid of everything and being cautious?


A systemic mapping of all the technical elements clarifies the pedagogical sequencing. Dodeca designs a blended format that combines upstream and downstream remote activities (rapid learning, motion design, quizzes) and experiential face-to-face activities.