In a different way, because you are different
Who are we?


Taming change by building on everyone's potential
  • Stimulating and engaging people: commitment, active listening, interaction and creativity to serve your needs… In a different way ;
  • Dodeca creates customized solutions that combine effectiveness, interaction and involvement, whether through Training, Facilitating, Consulting, Field training or Coaching for individuals or groups ;
  • Our team develops concrete and operational solutions adapted to the workplace environment and challenges of the companies who request our services ;
  • We build all the stages of your project with you from careful consideration of all aspects at the initial stage to the project's implementation, from follow-up to the validation of the results ;
  • Dodeca is also a multidisciplinary network comprising more than 30 practitioners in France and internationally. All of them have a dual expertise: corporate experience and training skills ;
  • Specialised in cross culture situations – different trades or international work environments – Dodeca is recognized for its excellence in adapting to the context of its clients, and stands out by the pertinence of its innovating and « edutaining » methods.
In a different way?
Yes, through :
  • Innovative logic in both the approaches and the content ;
  • A humble and professional approach without absolute certitudes for a pragmatic and profitable solution ;
  • The assimilation of the multicultural reality facing companies today (trades and corporate cultures) ;
  • « Edutaining » and hands on methods to take an active role and trigger the desire to move forward ;
  • Continued research or design of simple and accessible tools that foster individual and group involvement ;
  • Focus on the value of each person's potential: moving from one's « best » to aiming for excellence ;
  • Operational solutions producing results in the short and long term.

In a nutshell, solutions meeting your economic objectives and matching your specificities : an approach where « customized » has real meaning!



Dodeca is now OPQF accredited – the French Quality Assurance Body for training companies. This certification provides our clients with the guarantee that the training programmes we design for them, and often with them, meet their requirements and comply with quality standards as well as with legal and financial regulations.


Our partner specialized in client relations Lookadok, develops teams’ performance and that of their managers in the international retail, hospitality and service business sectors through creative and pragmatic training.


now available in digital format: everyone can readily train on the knowledge, know-how and soft skills he or she would like to acquire and maintain in the long term…