Our consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches are seasoned professionals. They assist you in your projects from conception to delivery and implementation. Dodeca drives a network of experts with a varied and complementary range of competencies: consultants, lawyers, psycho-sociologists, coaches, lecturers... Their transversal approach is in line with our pedagogical choices.


Our network also includes other skills represented by graphic artists, roughmen, digitalization experts, Web developers who assist in visualizing ideas and developing invention potential in and ever-changing world.


Both our team and our network of experts are at your disposal to listen, share your thoughts and concerns, and meet your project challenges with an original and pertinent solution.


We provide our services in French or in English as well as in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or German. We can also adapt them to other languages such as Russian or Chinese according to your needs.

Our consultants and experts have published in their respective domains. They regularly provide instruction at French universities or renowned schools of higher learning such as : Sciences Po, IFM, ENA, ESCP-EAP, Paris 8 and UQAM Montréal.

We are certified :

  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)
  • Mind Manager®
  • Neethling Brain Instruments® (NBI)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Team Management Systems® (TMS)

We also use :
  • FourSight ®
  • Transactional Analysis (TA)
  • Palo Alto
  • Systemic


Specialized in project management, cross-cultural issues and change management, Bruno co-designs customized solutions to enable company players to work together towards meeting shared objectives and moving forward in an ever-changing professional context. He is the author of many reference works.

Specialized in leadership and management, Nathalie works with teams and individuals through “action learning” or seminars of up to 50 people. Her experiential processes and models foster the implementation of new corporate cultures and practices.

Victoria WILLIS
A specialist in applied creativity and collective intelligence, Victoria relies on her bi-culturalism and bilingualism to facilitate international groups and help them identify better ways of working together.

Specialized in creativity applied to marketing and innovation, Pascale assists organizations from considering the choice of methods to implementing the action plan.

Juliette DA COSTA

A French and Portuguese national, a coach and a consultant specialized in communication and personal development, Juliette uses her experience in systemic theater and creativity to facilitate change in companies.

Prosper CARLIS

An expert in human systems analysis and information mapping, Prosper is also a coach and a facilitator. Prosper helps individuals and teams find simple solutions to complex situations.


An expert in management, communication and the systemic approach, Didier draws on his acting background to help managers strengthen their impact in every situation.

Patrick DUHOUX
Specialized in pedagogical design and creative facilitation, Patrick is Pedagogical Director of Dodeca. Creative tools are a natural part of the hands on and “edutaining” approach that he has developed in a wide range of fields such as management, communication and team building. In addition, he designs and facilitates numerous creative workshops in both French and English, in France and abroad.

As a specialist in change management, a coach and a trainer, Anne dynamically mobilizes and rallys teams on project deployment.

An Artistic Director and illustrator, specialist in print and video visual communication for advertising, press, television, digital and events, Vanessa "pictures" your projects and supports you in the creative process.
Christophe TRAPPE

A French and German national specialized in intercultural project management and applied creativity, Christophe brings his experience in international business development and as a top-level sportsman to meet the transversal challenges of companies.

Juliette O'REILLY

As a bilingual (English) coach, trainer and consultant, Juliette helps individuals and firms progress using a pragmatic and considerate approach focused on both mindsets and tools.


As a specialist in creativity, Isabel helps teams and individuals in developing their creative potential using an original approach involving fundamental and applied creativity.

And also...

Catherine ROIGNAN

As a specialist in diversity, intercultural management and organisational ethics, Catherine draws on her experience as a sociologist in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Senegal and Morocco to integrate the multiplicity of perceptions and habits.  Her highly interactive workshops strengthen understanding and cooperation between individuals, as well as between teams.



David is an expert in management, an HR consultant and trainer. He maps team values, performs a diagnosis of the culture and strengthens workers commitment using positive dynamics.


An American specialized in corporate intercultural and linguistic coaching, Barbara assists individuals and groups in the fields of finance, HR, and marketing.


Sylvain, an expert in creativity in Quebec, a facilitator and lecturer, brings his humor and artistic sensitivity to idea-research workshops and training that he designs and leads.


As a specialist in retail and digitalization of points of sale, Eric assists distribution or service network managers in adapting their strategy to new consumer behaviors.

Corinne AUBERT

Corinne is an expert in project development and leadings teams as well as an HR consultant and trainer. She draws on her background as a GM and HRD to field train individuals and teams.


Valérie is a designer by trade, an artistic director and creativity facilitator. She helps teams on the paths to innovation and change from the upstream study stage to the idea prototyping.

Catherine TANITTE

Facilitator and trainer in creativity and visual communication, Catherine draws on her experience as a videographer to design and lead creative workshops using information “staging”, graphic facilitation and various artistic practices.

Isabelle CANIVET

As a specialist in innovation and marketing, Isabelle brings with her expertise in society trends and  creative services that she designs and leads.


Joanna is a specialist in retail and hospitality, a consultant and trainer. Her international experience serves the optimization of points of sale by developing sales teams’ know-how and soft skills.

And also...


Agnès, a choirmaster and soprano,  draws on her experience as a conductor to train and coach teams in stress and change management, and team building in both small and large groups.


As an expert in theater techniques aimed at communication, Yves helps individuals and teams in their creative learning endeavor.

Marie-Charlotte LAVIROTTE

As a trainer and coach, Marie-Charlotte draws on the human dimension to help men and women within organizations.


Anne is an expert in outside the box pedagogy based on the analogy between corporate issues and the History of Mankind and mobilizes collective intelligence to assist corporate directors, managers and teams.