A Dodeca session makes you want to take action !

Our approach which combines outside the box pedagogy, professional simulations and contributions involving new methods and concepts, is naturally modeling :

  • Mobilize creativity, situational and collective intelligence as well as innovation and organization capabilities ;
  • Reveals the potential of each participant in a dynamic, light, “edutaining” and reassuring approach ;
  • Follows a structuring sequence in order to anchor the sought after progress ;
  • Gets participants to experiment new practices through metaphoric confrontations to better understand them, integrate them and transform them in their daily  professional routine.

We guarantee effective and long-lasting transposition in participants' daily professional life; results can be concretely observed in the field.

Immediately operational

Because the time devoted learning or to individual or collective development must be optimized, we endeavor to build targeted, efficient, effective, short and very operational actions. Follow up or field training are considered jointly at the end of each action to help implement new behaviors, tools and methods. We incorporate the possibility to digitize training sessions. This can be done gradually, and if you would like, via the Klaxoon solution.

With a digital format, the follow-up can also be done remotely in a virtual classroom or synchronously using a smartphone or an internet browser.