More than ever training has proven to be a major lever in company development. A keen understanding of the challenges and the context is essential.

With Dodeca, there are no pre-formatted sessions! Helping individuals and teams gain greater autonomy, comfort and efficiency is at the heart of our ambition.

Customized training adapted to your objectives

Upstream of any training, a request is made by a company and/or one of its employees. Our consultants draw on their broad experience to :

    • Identify your real needs in relation to your context and your ambitions ;
    • Clarify objectives for expected change and build an operational project ;
    • Provide an innovative, pedagogical, pertinent and customized solution.

      We set up a program tailored to your challenges. Field investigation reinforces our understanding of how you function; it allows us to gather material for examples and concrete cases to use during the training. We then build the appropriate modules whether face-to-face, digital driven or both, and ensure with your input that each training session is a good fit with your objectives.

      The variety of our methods and learning tools creates a motivating environment that makes each trainee want to be actively involved in developing his or her skills and to spontaneously make use of them after the training.


      Dodeca provides a digital-driven solution with Klaxoon

      Klaxoon makes it possible to manage quizzes, surveys, knowledge tests upstream, then to enrich face-to-face learning and increase interaction with and among the participants. Quizzes and assessment tests are possible downstream as is asynchronous replay of the training. It can all be accessed from participants’ computers, tablets or smartphones.

      Our pedagogical standpoint : Learn by doing!

      • Our experiential training method – “edutaining”, dynamic and stimulating – invites each participant to seek pleasure in learning and to become actively involved in the process. The variety of training methods takes into account the differences in pace and attentiveness ;
      • A relaxed atmosphere provides an environment conducive to communication and learning. The outside the box aspect of the “edutaining” or digital experiences helps imprint knowledge in the memory. Each participant lives an experience combining understanding and feeling ;
      • Our training is very goal-oriented : it is based on structured, pragmatic and progressive methods. The skills developed can be directly applied to real-life professional situations ;
      • We provide individual coaching after the training to guarantee long-term acquisition ;
      • Dodeca training? Different types of training, close to individuals and teams with the assurance of immediate results.


      Educational design consultancy

      You need to design and or set up in-house training? Dodeca helps you with all or some of the stages involved organizing training courses whether for large and small groups: from needs analysis to the delivery of turnkey training kits whether classroom or digital, ready for deployment.

      Whatever your request, our first contribution consists in clarifying the operational objectives and translating them into training objectives, the real core of any training course development.

      Dodeca training kits : Enhanced turnkey training

      A Dodeca must!

      Trainer's guide, participant documents, tools for the trainer... everything has been provided for in the training kit including exercises, games, simulations...

      Each Dodeca kit adapts the way of training and collaborating to digital uses while remaining “edutaining” and experiential. It thus simplifies learning by making the training interactive whether it’s in-classroom or distance learning.

      The documentation is designed in an interactive format accessible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. In includes hypertext links, videos, images or a search engine to be used to the utmost during and after the training.

      Each kit incorporates your specificities. It helps you deploy your training courses with the right tools and the talent of an experienced trainer. For you and your teams it is the key to training that is coherent, content rich and perfectly matched with your objective.

      You therefore guarantee the transfer of key skills, in-house, while maintaining control over content.

      Our added value

        • Our recognized know-how in the development of training solutions using the most innovative training methods ;
        • The conception and constant research for pertinent tools facilitating the involvement of each participant ;
        • An approach based on the quality of long-term retention: the co-design of your training courses.