Field training



Field training helps to speed up the implementation of new mind-sets and behaviors and ensures a high level of ease and security for everyone.

Faced with changes, most people tend to reproduce the same patterns that have worked well for them so far. How can they be helped to adopt new frameworks?

With Dodeca, field training can be applied to various contexts

  • Multicultural project management (professions or national cultures) ;
  • Development of instructional expertise (tutoring, occasional training) ;
  • Business development.


Field training consists in following a sales person, a project manager or a tutor in his daily activities. The consultant observes and assists the person in identifying his/her 'good practices' and efficiency potential.


A precise and hands on methodology : train and do it together

  • Define an objective in relation to the context and expected outcome ;
  • Observe in the field ;
  • Assess the strengths and points to be improved by using the analysis grids and competence portfolios ;
  • Assist the individual in identifying his/her good practices and areas of improvement ;
  • Do it together: show, have him/her observe, redo together ;
  • Assist in the use of tools and in the application of methods and behaviors.

Multicultural project management

This field training concerns any person working in a multicultural environment (trade or national cultures) and would like to develop his/her leadership skills.

Dodeca provides individual support to these people in the implementation of solutions and actions that go beyond the multicultural challenges, in order to enhance the company’s performance by :

  • Participating in setting up meetings, conference calls and web meetings ;
  • Contributing to the improvement of your communication ;
  • Developing customized solutions linked to the firm ‘s context, to its multicultural experience and to the personality of the field trainee.

Such an approach aims to :

  • Deal with cultural differences as an asset to development and innovation ;
  • Effectively manage multicultural and international teams ;
  • Successfully bring together companies with different cultures during mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures ;
  • Create and implement a diversity management policy.

Field training in managing multicultural situations turns diversity into an asset.

Development of training skills (tutors, in-house trainers)


Training the trainer aims to reinforce the effectiveness of the skills transfer as well as make it immediately operational.


Dodeca develops solutions taking into account your specificities to :

  • Help occasional in-house trainers reach a professional level by helping them develop the necessary training skills, providing them with the tools and enabling them to gain autonomy and confidence in their role ;
  • Ease tutors into their new role and enable them to deal with concerns outside their usual field of action.


For Dodeca, field training in skills transfer means identifying and creating patterns for good practices, good methods and good behaviors. Above all, it reinforces these key players' confidence and legitimacy.

Business development                          

These services are intended for sales engineers as well as sales managers and CEOs who would like to be trained or to be able to duplicate field training with their sales force.

Indeed, field training is necessary to validate the acquisition of sales competencies in real life. With this approach, the field trainee is confronted with concrete cases in real time – making appointments, presenting the offer, negotiating, closing and signing the contract... Actual sales are made with the client.

This type of action also allows the field trainee to progress on the identified points to be improved, values the sales teams and boosts business.