The variety and number of tasks managers have to deal with today do not always allow them to get actively involved in the content of meetings, conferences and other team seminars while still organizing them.

Would you like to :

  • Give your managers the means to rethink the company strategy ?
  • Bring about innovative solutions ?
  • Ensure your teams participate in the implementation of an action plan ?
  • Ease buy-in concerning a new tool ?
  • Make it possible for everyone to fully participate in the decision making process ?

Dodeca enables you to leave the beaten path, with or without digital tools, to energize these team opportunities and stimulate participation. We take care of the design, delivery and, if desired, a report of these workshops. We provide the specific resources of group dynamics experts who are implementation processes specialists. They help you reach the desired goal : innovation, team building, buy-in of an action plan and decision.

We draw from a variety of approaches such as :

  • Outside the box techniques ;
  • Tools for collective intelligence like “World Café” ;
  • “Sketchnoting”, which uses a range of visual techniques to assist in the process of group work ;
  • “Graphic recording”, which visually records group discussions and the work in progress ;
  • Digital content - to digitize facilitation, we use Klaxoon®. This solution allows participants using their smartphones to :

           - Launch an express survey and comment on the results in real time ;

           - Have participants produce a word cloud;

           - Do brainstorming, then analyze the results and synthetize replies live…

... And many more things. It’s fun, efficient, effective, simple, rapid; and the results are displayed live.

As the participants are no longer responsible for leading and are released from the relational challenges, whether hierarchic or technical, they are able to focus on their added value: the content.

Facilitating is a structured and lively process that follows these steps :

  • Clarifying and formalizing the desired objectives ;
  • Structuring the meeting and a proposing outline ;
  • Facilitating ;
  • Debriefing ;
  • Final report depending on you needs.

Our dynamic and creative facilitating improves the way your team members interact, contributes effectively to finding solutions and helps drive corporate performance.