Changes in the global environment lead firms to mutate. These mutations can only be achieved through a clear action plan and by mobilizing people around shared goals for the good of the corporate project.

Situations of change and uncertainty must be turned into favorable conditions for commitment and action. This involves creating new points of reference.

Dodeca proposes an active approach to consulting in order to obtain concrete and long-lasting results. To provide you with an effective goal-reaching, customized and pragmatic solution, we build our consulting actions from an extensive diagnosis.

Dodeca can help you in leading these projects such as :

  • Change management ;
  • Integration of multicultural teams in the context of mergers and acquisitions ;
  • Creation and development of a Corporate academy or Sales School ;
  • Guidance in a training in-sourcing strategy ;
  • Development of mutual methods and habits in order to communicate well and be successful ;
  • Digitization of training.


In each of our consulting solutions we favor :

  • The right distance : our involvement stays within a well-defined framework and with the respect of the information entrusted to us ;
  • A maieutical approach : we provide individuals and teams with the means to value their resources ;
  • A mutual determination : we place our clients' success at the core of our action.