Your workers' career paths are marked by various stages that :

  • Require new competencies ;
  • Necessitate self questioning ;
  • Impose adjustments or possible quick change.

To deal with these situations, you would like to assist them at this crucial time.

As a global approach, coaching aims primarily to enhance performance in professional situations and, of course, fosters personal development for the coachee. By putting real life situations in a new perspective, coaching leads to significant changes in behavior, attitudes, conflict solving skills and autonomy in as much as it improves professional efficiency and effectiveness.

Our approach relies on :

  • Structuring operational methods which help individuals enhance their skills and acquire new ones ;
  • Appropriation of mind-sets enabling them to better position themselves within the company.

Dodeca offers three types of action

  • Individual coaching
    It enables the coachee to develop his/her potential and improve performance. It helps the individual progress and gain autonomy in both know-how and interpersonal skills. As an expert in accompanying change, the coach provides an external view; he/she assists in and facilitates reaching the desired goal.
  • Team coaching
    To perform well, a team goes through necessary and identified stages. Its members must learn how to work together, trust each other and be equipped with the mutual methods and practices to communicate well and succeed in a collective project. The coach assists them throughout the team building process.
  • Intercultural coaching
    Teams today are multinational and multicultural. Faced with these new challenges, our specialized coaches assist you on questions of intercultural leadership, managing transitions and global changes, remote management and sharing professional cultures.

The major stages of coaching

Coaching begins with a phase devoted to active listening and analyzing the request and issues raised. Following this first expression of the needs, the coach establishes a framework for the coaching, whether individual or group. He/she specifies the objectives and their measurement criteria, practical details (number and duration of the sessions, the venue...) and the ethical issues of those involved (confidentiality, transparency of the methods...).

Each session lasts between one hour and a half to two and a half hours. It begins with a concrete assessment of the progress objectives established during the previous session. It proceeds to formalize ideas and action plans so as to reach the client's objective step by step.

Our desire is to facilitate change in the interest of the firms and the coachees.

Dodeca deploys a team of ten coaches who are members of EMCC, European Mentoring & Coaching Council. The organization groups 3,000 coaches in Europe, 400 of whom are in ECA (European Coaching Association).